Petifi - Frequency Pet Tag

petifi, pet tag, quistel

Pets get stressed and just like people and their subtle energy systems become unbalanced and blocked which leads them to experience discomfort effecting their mood and over all wellbeing.

The Petifi frequency pet tag developed by 'Get Your Boom Back' balances your pets energy systems by resonating natural frequencies every 15 minutes. 

Petifi has been developed in consultation with a fully qualified (MRCVS) Veterinary Surgeon who has established an international reputation for treating animals using a wide range of cutting edge medical technologies. 

petifi, quistel, pet tag

How to use Petifi

The Petifi tag is designed to attach to your pets collar on the key chain provided.

As long as the resonance processor inside the Petifi tag is within 2 inches of the skin it will emit the natural resonance frequencies into the bio energy field of your pet. These frequencies emit every 15 minutes to help balance all energetic and subtle energy blockages in your pets meridians and chakras. 

Made from the highest quality silicon and infused with a proprietary blend of precious minerals which also outputs 4,000ppm negative ions per second.

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