Peake Pet Care's Soothing Ear Cleaners

Peake Pet Care's 'World Famous' Soothing Ear Cleaner (formerly know as Quistel) is used and loved by pet owners all across the world.  It disinfects and soothingly assists with the loosening and expulsion of accumulated dirt and ear wax which can become a major source of irritation to most animals.  The Ear Cleaner can penetrate even the smallest of ear canals and is available 50ml, 150ml & 500ml sizes.

Testimonial Taken From Amazon
5 Out Of 5 Stars If Only I'd Found It Sooner
''After only 2 applications the condition vanished! 2 doses and years of stress and heartache over with! I can't believe it. My dog had been suffering for years with this and it had cost me a fortune. Can't wait to tell the vet!