Quistel Cares: November's Charity Of The Month - Rochdale Dog Rescue

Rochdale dog rescue

We're delighted to announce that 'Rochdale Dog Rescue' have been picked as our 'Charity Of The Month' for November.

As you may know, our 'Quistel Cares' campaign was created to help those that help animals and we're excited to help a local rescue centre that does some incredible work.

We have donated over £100's worth of goodies from our pet care and grooming range to the charity which we're sure will help their amazing volunteers to care for the dogs they rescue and re-home. 

We're also delighted to feature them here on the website, on our social media accounts and our next email blast... which will hopefully help them to raise much needed donations and maybe even help find homes for some of these poor dogs.

So lets find out a bit more about Rochdale Dog Rescue... they work tirelessly every week to find responsible rescue places for dogs from a Northern Pound in the UK that are due to be put to sleep if not claimed after 7 days. 

The pound that they work with are one of the few pounds that are willing to work closely with us as a rescue. They too work hard to save these dogs from being put to sleep by providing Rochdale Dog Rescue with photographs, information about the dogs and constant updates.

The pound dogs come in all shapes and sizes, ages and breeds. Some dogs are abandoned pets that once belonged to somebody, some are strays and some are simply signed over to the pound by their owner.

Rochdale Dog Rescue work hard each week to find placements for these dogs whose lives are literally in their hands.

You can find out more about this incredible charity by visiting www.rochdale-dog-rescue.com/ or have a look at their facebook page www.facebook.com/RochdaleDogRescue/

You can also make a donation via their Just Giving Page - https://www.justgiving.com/rochdale-dogrescue

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Thank you for chosing RDR as your charity of the month, and highlighting the hard work they do rescuing dogs from death row

Margaret Nile

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