There is Hope... with help from Quistel!

Those of you that regularly visit our site, read the blog or keep an eye on our facebook or twitter pages will know that we try and help as many pets as we can by donating a lot of our products to pet charities and organisations that are sometimes used as prizes in raffles or there auctioned off to raise money.  We also try to promote as many events as we can and help some of these amazing charities and rescue centres get some extra publicity, we do what we can but we're in total awe of what some of these great people do for neglected animals, there the real heroes!

As you might know our Shampoos, Conditioners and Lotions Sprays are bio-restoring which means that not only are they great for pet grooming but they can also help pets with skin conditions.  We also have health products, like our soothing ear cleaner, our omega-3 oils, Xenca health supplements and the new Viridian Coconut oil that help with all sorts of illnesses and ailments... and we're very proud of the feedback that we get from pet owners, charity workers, volunteers and pet professionals... because our products do work and they help to ease the suffering that some poor dogs and cats are going through.

We get lots of photos sent to us, but every now and then we get a photo that takes our breath away, something so sad that it make you wonder how people can be so cruel... how can anybody neglect an animal so much and let them get in to such a terrible state.

Poor Hope was a neglected puppy that was taken in by Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue, in Wisbech, she was in a horrific state, suffering from Demodex Mange, a skin condition caused by parasitic mites.  Her plight could have been avoided had she received treatment straight away but her previous owner left her to suffer and her condition got much, much worse.

hope, stuffy, staffordshire bull terrier, quistel, dog

hope, stuffy, staffordshire bull terrier, quistel, dog

 As you can see from the photos, it truly is shocking... but this is thankfully a story with a happy ending and Hope has made an amazing recovery.  We're delighted that SBTR use Quistel products, and that our Organic Bio-Restoring Shampoo helped along with Panomec and Salmon Oil to bring the beautiful Hope back to her beautiful best!

"Quistel was used twice a week for the first 5 weeks then down to once a week for a further 4 weeks, and now gets bathed every 3 weeks, we do panomec to kill the mange as well as a good food Arden grange and salmon oil in her food.  She has done really well, we tend to use all the above in any of our dogs with mange as its works, we also use quistel on the other dogs as there coats are lovely"

Chris Clark, Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue

hope, stuffy, staffordshire bull terrier, quistel, dog

hope, stuffy, staffordshire bull terrier, quistel, dog



We love these photos of her, she's looks so happy and healthy... well done to the great people that looked after her and you can read more about Hope here.

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