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We're delighted to be supporting Cyprus Vizsla Rescue (CVR) and will be donating some prizes for their upcoming virtual charity auction on Facebook.

CVR operates to rescue Hungarian Vizsla dogs (and vizsla-cross breeds) who have been abandoned and/or abused in Cyprus.

We recently had an lovely email from one of the organisers, Kelly Robinson who told us all about CVR and how she had recently rescued and adopted a beautiful vizsla-cross called Lizzie.

This is Kelly's email about Lizzie and Cyprus Vizsla Rescue...

"CVR operates to rescue Hungarian Vizsla dogs (and vizsla-cross breeds) who have been abandoned and/or abused in Cyprus. I have recently adopted a beautiful vizsla-cross called Lizzie (see attached photos) who had been tied up by a rope around her leg, which subsequently
became infected, in a cage with five other dogs.

As you can see, she has been left with a sizable area of scarring and we are not sure if
the fur will ever grow back. There are many dogs currently living in similar conditions, and whilst we are conscious that we cannot save every dog, we try to rescue as many as possible and find them their forever home in the UK. 

This, of course, costs money and CVR runs entirely on donations. It costs approximately £500 to rescue and fly each dog to the UK from Cyprus and the virtual auction is one of our key fundraising events of the year.

Lizzie has put on almost 3kgs since she was taken out of the pound a month ago,
and although she is still very nervous around sudden noises and movements, she is slowly progressing and is less timid. I think she wakes up every day and thinks "it's not a dream, I really am here!".

Quistel are delighted to support CVR and we are also going to send Kelly some free Quistel products to help get Lizzie back to her beautiful best.  We believe that using our Natural Organic Shampoo twice weekly and using Bio-Restoring Lotion Spray daily will promote increased blood flow and healing.

We also have Collagen Powder, Omega 3 oil and Skin & Coat capsules to improve the nutritional balance of the dog as she is probably deficient in valuable nutrients and will benefit from the healing
powers of the collagen.

So hopefully in the coming weeks and months we can update you on Lizzie and her recovery.

Good luck Lizzie!


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Hi my name is Paige slater

Me and a couple off my friends have been trying to organise a charity event so that we can raise money for the vizslers after we rescued a darling vizsler called Huxley. We don’t know how much we will raise. If u want to find out more detailes contact me on my email

Your sincerely Paige slater x


I had a woman post on the Vizsla Rescue Haven’s Facwebook page about vizsla pup needing rescuing in Cairo, Egypt. Here is what she says :Dear all, I rescued this half starved Vizsla in Cairo, Egypt. She is about 7 months old and I am desperate to find her a good home, preferably abroad where she can get the exercise and attention this breed needs. I would love to keep her but I already have 2 dogs and I simply cannot take on one more. Please help, I am desperate. Thank you"

Can anyone in Europe help?

Kay Ingle

Thank you so much for helping Lizzie and donating products to our Fund raising Auction! I am one of the UK team and fund raise and find homes for these beautiful, abused dogs and never cease to marvel at their huge capacity to forgive us humans, and to still adore us, despite their early experiences. They all seem to have an exceptional temperament and loving nature.

Helga x

Helga Root

Thank you so much !!! I am the Cyprus end of CVR and see the abuse and abandonment first hand everyday here, it is truly heartbreaking, but every life we save is one less who suffers over here. Thank you so much for your support.

Christine Goldsmith

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