London & Surrey VizWhizz Auction For Vizsla Rescue Groups & Charities

So how many of you know what a Vizsla is?  

Its a very beautiful dog breed originating from Hungary... there a loyal, sporting dog that is smallest of the all-round pointer-retriever breeds. There is approximately 1000 puppies registered in UK each year making them one of the top 50 most popular in the UK (Kennel Club of Great Britain) and there getting more and more popular each year!

We were delighted to be recently contacted by Lucy Barrett, one of the organisers of the London & Surrey VizWhizz - there a group of Hungarian Vizsla Owners and they organise walks and get togethers all over the country for Vizsla owners.

They also host and arrange various events and fund raisers throughout the year raising money for two UK Vizsla Breed Rescue Groups/Charities and Vizslamentes in Hungary.  

Their next fundraising event is on the 26th July 2013 and its a Virtual Auction that will be held through Facebook... and Quistel is very happy to announce that we will be providing some our Natural Organic Pet Grooming & Pet Health products to be auctioned off at this event.

If you would like to find out more about this event or about the London & Surrey VizWhizz... or about the groups and charities that they support then please contact Lucy ( or check out the websites below.


The the London & Surrey VizWhizz:!/groups/londonsurreyvizwhizz/

Hungarian Vizsla Club Rescue:

Hungarian Vizsla Society Rescue:

Vizslamentes:  or!/VizslamentesUK?fref=ts



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