Summer Grooming Care Tips For Horses!

A healthy horse's coat in top condition should gleam and shine in the summer, whether its under the sunlight in the fields or under the lights of the show ring.  

Their coat and mane should be a rich, full colour, that you can almost see shimmer as it reflects the light.

Regular daily grooming such as brushing and washing contributes to your horses coat by helping to remove dirt and invigorating the skin... it can also help to keep them cool in the summer because a clean, short coat allows perspiration to evaporate more freely.  Horses of course will sweat more during exercise in the summer, and if the sweat is allowed to dry on the hairs it can damage the coat... so it is important to keep on top of your horses grooming.

Did you know that the combination of salty sweat and sunlight can bleach your horses coat?

Unfortunately regular grooming of your horse isn't easy or quick in fact it could take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes each day!

Horse professionals recommend that you use a strong but gentle shampoo... something that can help to keep your horses coat clean without causing any damage.

Quistel's Equine Shampoo is a popular choice for both amateur owners and professionals because our natural, organic shampoo is extremely effective but also gentle on all skin types and perfect for horses with skin conditions.  Our Equine Shampoo and Grooming Lotion (find out more here) are also both bio-restoring so they encourage and stimulate hair regrowth... perfect for summer grooming!

Our Equine Lotion is also brilliant at helping to curb any itching and scratching, due to fly bites or sweet itch!

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